Cloud Native Blockchain

Kotal is developing open-source tools and frameworks that makes it easy to deploy self-managing self-healing Blockchain infrastructure.

All-in-one platform

Kotal is packed with tons of features that makes it super easy to deploy Blockchain infrastructure.

Open Source
Kotal is an open source project, anyone can read, fork and contribute to the code.
Cloud agnostic
Kotal runs out of the box on any public or private cloud that supports Kubernetes.
Protocol Agnostic
Kotal supports Ethereum, Ethereum 2, IPFS, Filecoin, and will continue to support more protocols.
Multi-Client Support
Kotal solves the problem of client-diversity in some protocols by supporting not only the reference client.
Blockchain as a Code
Using Kotal, Blockchain networks and nodes can be described as code and Kotal will do the heavy work.
Keys Management
Kotal simplifies key reusability across multiple Blockchain nodes and networks.
Node Resources
Control node CPU and memory resources and increase disk space allocated to nodes without disrupting them.
API Endpoints
Expose API endpoints to nodes across multiple protocols and control security and rate limits.
Easy Staking
Unified staking across multiple protocols using intuitive UI.
Get logs from all the deployed nodes and valdiators.
Aggregate metrics from running nodes and display them in visual dashboard.
Following Blockchain infrastructure and DevOps best security practices.

Backed by the best in the ecosystem

Kotal is backed by ConsenSys and Protocol Labs investment arms

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